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Eternally, our five angels ♥: DBSK and Japan→


A post dedicated to DBSK, and why their entrance into the Japanese music market is damn respectable.

1. DBSK/TVXQ becomes Tohoshinki in Japan, because they’ve accomplished so much in their Japanese activities that they actually earned a damn Japanese group name of their own. It’s like they…

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'96 liner... A proud Cassiopeia. Supporting the FIVE of them no matter what happens. Always Keeping The Faith and Hoping Till The End.. YunJae Shipper \O/ Jae is my bias but now, there's Yoochun. XD They are all bias wrecker.. wae so perfect oppars? XD I love them all. Im a 25% Japanese.. 25% Korean and 50% Filipino AT HEART. XDD that's all thank you. *bow*

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